15 Ways

Sweet Tooth

created by pogo on August 2, 2005, with contributions from Gaijin and cobra libre.

Sweet, sweet sugar

  • chik-o-stik (added by pogo)
  • smartees (added by pogo)
  • good and plenty (added by pogo)
  • bit-o-honey (added by pogo)
  • goo-goo clusters (added by pogo)
  • oh henry (added by pogo)
  • zagnut (added by pogo)
  • necco wafers (added by pogo)
  • chunky! (added by pogo)
  • chupa-chups (added by pogo)
  • hubba bubba (added by pogo)
  • jujyfruit (added by pogo)
  • lik-m-aid (added by pogo)
  • big hunk (added by pogo)
  • pocky (added by Gaijin)
  • laffy taffy (added by pogo)
  • chocoball (added by Gaijin)
  • whoppers (added by Gaijin)
  • raisinets (added by Gaijin)
  • tootsie roll (added by Gaijin)
  • black black (added by Gaijin)
  • whatchamacallit (added by Gaijin)
  • baby ruth (added by Gaijin)
  • butterfinger (added by Gaijin)
  • pop rocks (added by Gaijin)
  • jolly rancher (added by Gaijin)
  • twizzler (added by Gaijin)
  • red hots (added by Gaijin)
  • now and laters (added by Gaijin)
  • mozart (added by cobra libre)
  • fun dip (added by cobra libre)
  • 5th avenue (added by cobra libre)
  • big league chew (added by cobra libre)
  • chiclets (added by cobra libre)
  • lemonheads (added by cobra libre)
  • nerds (added by cobra libre)
  • fruit stripe (added by cobra libre)
  • pez (added by cobra libre)
  • dots (added by cobra libre)
  • beemans (added by cobra libre)


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