Booska Booska!

Here's Booska circa 1966. Originally, Booska was a live action sci-fi sitcom created by Tsuburaya Productions. It ran for 47 episodes. 26.4% was its ratings peak... So some night back in 1966, over 1/4 of the entire japanese TV viewing audience was watching Booska... ^__^

In the first episode, Booska was created by Daisuke, a bratty little kid in his inventor's laboratory:

In every episode Booska and Daisuke went on adventures, mostly of the science fiction variety: monsters and aliens and stuff. Booska uses his various super powers, saving the day. (All that is explained in more detail over in the booska bio)

Eventually Booska got lonely, so he and Daisuke built this machine thingie in their backyard. Some passersbye gave Booska this chipmunk they were carrying, it got fed into the machine and.... Out popped Chamegon! Here are the two "brothers" enjoying each other's company:

At the end of the 47th episode, Booska and Chamegon get on a rocketship in the backyard and blast off into space, leaving the earth for good! Bye bye Booska!
take off!!! HASHIN!!
Don't worry, sometime in the 90s, he'll come back to earth in the form of 100s of different toys.....

Let Booska fly you back!