Papipupe Peroty Assorted Chocolate Lollipop



Declicious assorted chocolate lollipop.


Cute Snack. Individually wrapped choco lollipops. The backs are milk chocolate with either melon or strawberry chocolate on the front. Nestlé Crunch bar type crisped rice is inside. Ultra cute pictures of animals are on the fruit choco front. But... The melon chocolate tastes horrible! Think of rancid white chocolate and you are a 1/4 of the way there. I tried maybe 3, my opinion of them just got worse and worse with every bite. That's not the choco pops' only problem either: they have a large chunk of plastic inside the pop itself. Since these candies are aimed at the toddler set, is it such a good idea to have child-throat sized pieces of plastic as sticks? Peroty probably causes almost as many hospital visits as all the raw eggs and chicken that are consumed in Japan. At least the huge chunk of plastic cuts down on the amount of choco melon in the pops, though....



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