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October 2000

Change begins with your Start button.

The pointless software/firmware mod madness continues. This time it’s how to modify your Start button. This applies to Win9x, including WinME, and probably Win2k and WinNT as well. It’s just this easy:Back up explorer.exe by copying it to something like explorer.bakOpen up explorer.exe in a hex editor (UltraEdit works)Search for “5300 7400 6100 7200 74,” which is “S.t.a.r.t,” of course. There are several occurrences of this string, so find the one that is followed immediately by “There was an internal error and one of the windows you were using has…

45 lose livelihoods, investors uncork the champagne

My employer laid off 45 people yesterday. I still have my job—lucky me. Yay. I can’t wait for the IPO. This is about a guy I used to work with. He was fired a long time ago, though. He had it coming. Also, he looked exactly like Hoggle. This update had nothing to do with the layoffs….

Goodbye energy star, hello kapukapu, DIY style

A nifty dork site called Virtual Hideout has an article describing how to modify your homebuilt system’s (well, anything with an Award 4.51-based BIOS) POST/BIOS/whatever logo. You know, it’s the EPA Energy Star logo you see every time you turn on your PC. Here’s the quick step-by-step: Create a black & white bitmap measuring 136 by 84 pixels. Microsoft Paint works well. Using a program called BMP2EPA, convert your little bitmap to the EPA format. Merge the new .EPA logo into a flash BIOS file with the CBROM utility….

that’s! not! a! knife!

daily radar has a piece on the new crocodile dundee movie that’s quite good. they ask the all important questionThe scene today where you tell time by the sun, is that this film’s equivalent of the “That’s not a knife” scene?and it also notes, interestingly enough, that the cause for the 12-year gap between parts two and three were paul hogan refusing to do another one unless it had a good story. way to go, paul. the question is, will it be like the kate bush album from the 90’s…

Mark David Chapman denied parole, 3 former Beatles still at large

Mark David Chapman, the beloved slayer of John Lennon, was denied parole yesterday or the other day, I can’t remember. Meanwhile, Colin Powell, responsible for many more deaths (admittedly not any Beatles, though), gave a $70,000 speech tonight at my alma mater on the importance of volunteerism. In Covina, California, a high school English teacher was fired for assigning to his class what in my day would have been the dream essay: “[choose] someone to kill, give the reasons why and detail how [to] keep it secret.” Finally, scientists are…

what is this stupid no future?