spaceship no future

November 2000

Foil The Man by ripping DVDs

Remember when the DeCSS scandal first erupted, and everyone’s favorite argument was that DVD piracy was impractical due to the huge size of DVD movies and the outrageous cost of writable DVD media? Currently, that argument still holds insofar that: The MPEG-2 compression format used in DVDs, though high-quality, yields rather large files—about 4GB for a couple hours of video. Current writable DVD media averages about $40 a pop—more expensive than most retail DVD movies. However: The MPEG-4 compression format, though visually inferior to MPEG-2, compresses at a far…

hazel downloads and plays sacrifice demo

jacob had mentioned he was excited about this game called sacrifice, and it was from interplay, so i downloaded the demo and tried it out. sacrificed an hour or two, you might say. ha! that demo is 90MB by the way- hope your cable modem is working. i played it a while, then read some reviews. yeah, i know it’s just a link to old man murray, and they didn’t review it, but i can’t bear to suffer through one of the reviews from a website with “game” in the…

the chills 20 year anniversary 3CD box set!

the chills are one of my favorite bands, and on november 15th they celebrated the 20th anniversary of their first show. to commemorate this, they are releasing a box set of rare and unreleased material from the good old days. it’s three CDs, and only costs $28 postage paid from the soft bomb web site. that’s amazing! sign up to reserve your copy. that page also has more info, like a track listing. release date is set for february 2001….

We all lost.

Okay, so Bush didn’t win yet, as we previously reported, but the writing’s on the wall, and now we just have to wait helplessly, thumbs twiddling,* while the American version of democracy sorts itself out. Whatever happens, no one is going to be happy. Now is as good a time as ever to consider how events might have played themselves out if the U.S. electoral system were not quite so flawed. Take a look at these articles that discuss various alternative voting systems: The first article, at, is…

Bush won.

More or less final results are in, and America’s favorite frat boy won the presidency while the Republican Party retains its control of the House of Representatives. Already the press is blaming Nader and the Green Party. How to respond? Where to begin?Personally, I blame God.At any rate, it’s really too late now to point fingers. What we all have to do at this point is to come up with a suitable course of action now that we are all fucked. Good luck, America. Maybe the music will get better,…

Zork turns 20

On November 1st, 2000, the most classic of all classic computer games turned 20. There’s a short news story about it at Blue’s Clues. Ooops, um, I mean, Blue’s News. Just scroll to the very bottom of the news for November 1.Or, download it and play it right now….