spaceship no future

December 2000

Cool Spy on a Hot Car

Cool Spy on a Hot Car - required reading. Mouse over the image to see what it’s all about. Just follow the link. You know you want to. And what’s up with that badge? You owe it to yourself to find out….

replacing the crappy music in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for PC

The first thing anyone does when playing Tony Hawk 2 for the second time is to turn off the music. How truly sad. If you have the PC version, here’s how to play with your own music: Rip some songs (up to 20) to .wav format. I like AudioGrabber, but it’s shareware, so you might try a free ripping tool. Find the installation directory for Tony Hawk 2, and backup the existing music directory by changing its name. Make a new folder called music. From the backup folder copy…

give the gift of grimsey records this solstice

only eight shopping days left until the winter solstice! you may not know what the winter solstice is. well, i’m not going to tell you. or even provide a link. it’s not my fault your churches have roofs on them. st. solstice is, however, the patron saint of smug, superior hippies with discover cards. that’s a hint. anyway, what are you getting me for the solstice? how about something on grimsey records? since they’re too modest to self-promote on the indie-pop list lately, i’ll tell you, they’re having special…

chris seriously injured on the way to the grocery store, jacob blames self

chris lays right now in a coma at st. david’s hospital due to injuries sustained from a serious car accident he was involved in on the way to the local HEB grocery store. friends and neighbors are laying the blame on jacob, who *knew* nobody was delivering pizza because of the ice storm, but decided to eat all chris’ tater tots anyway, forcing him to make a dangerous journey across dark, icy roads to get more. for shame….


I was wasting some time at work Friday, reading the news at slashdot.The article on Tradewars, an old BBS door game, being rewritten to run on the web brought back a lot of memories.And an overwhelming need to play LORD and Usurper again.Luckily there are still plenty of people out there running BBSs - BBSs you can telnet to.After trying 4 different Telnet clients, I finally found one that displayed ANSI art properly.Then I set to “dialing” about 40 different BBSs. After numerous disappointments, I found a total of 2…

we saw the D&D movie. so… yeah.

we read the reviews. so we knew. i do not post this to repeat what you can easily read elsewhere. but when we can’t live in chom, we live in hope. because if we can’t live in hope, we have to live in… texas. so we had to go, no matter what anybody said. for spaceship no future it was a moral imperative. regardless, apologies to tamara, who just suffered for no reason….

we are experiencing higher than normal call volume

having spent the afternoon talking with ibm technical support to get my hard drive replaced, i needed something to stop the horrible flashbacks to when i was working at dell. too bad this story from express online is what i came across. jacob and i’s experience in the technical support industry led to the historic sept. 1 1999 royal decree of chom forbidding any state contracts with companies that use humans for technical support. this decree was contested in chom federal court by the pro-corporate group USA*engage, but the all-tiger…

what’s the matter?  chicken?

hey, i don’t eat meat, but i used to go to mcdonald’s a lot until nathalie and i decided we would never go again because the whole operation was disgusting. at first it was hard, because i loved their delicious fries, but you know, it just gets easier and easier not to go. my favorite quote from the story: Ortega was unable to sleep Tuesday night, she said. “I kept thinking about my children eating it,” Ortega said. at least you didn’t get a cow head! moooooo… i would…