spaceship no future

October 2001

our president in exile

in chom, anybody who even makes jokes about hurting cats is visited in the night by a member of the chom elite guard. link courtesy of mike via metafilter….

Re-release of the first Wake LP, other rambles

So I was poking around looking for information about Les Temps Modernes, the label that is doing all the Section 25 re-releases I have recently been buying. As you can see I hit the jackpot, because when I started my search I didn’t even know what LTM stood for. Anyway, it turns out they’re re-releasing The Wake’s first album with all kinds of extra tracks and Peel sessions. Lovely. It seems like just about every band on Sarah Records named The Wake as one of their major influences. So…

My monoculture can beat up your monoculture

Here in the U.S., when we’re not marveling over F-16 fighter footage, squinting at grainy green-tinted flashes of light over the Kabul skyline, or counting anthrax victims, more and more of us are spending our time in our parlors and our drawing rooms pondering the superiority of our culture. (I’m rather fond of Western post-Enlightenment culture myself, at least bits of it; I especially like video games, cartoons, gangster movies, and Chinese food.) So all the pundits are holding forth on the culture clash between “modernity” and “Islam,” and…