spaceship no future

January 2002

The New Privacy

This is a No Future Public Service Announcement as I know many of our readers enjoy file sharing now and again. If you’re running any Windows OS and using Audiogalaxy to make the world a better, more musical place then pay close attention. An article I came across on Portal of Evil details how an add-on utility installed with Audiogalaxy called Sputnik created by the VX2 corporation could be hiding in your bushes under the window while you’re getting ready for bed. Here’s a couple of pertinent quotes from…

Let slip the hogs of war

Now that the brave men and women of the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines have all but vanquished their foes in Afghanistan (with modest assistance from the Northern Alliance), we’re all dying to know who we can kill next. Where else has evil been rearing its swarthy, freedom-hating head? A new CNN poll is asking this very question. It looks something like this: Who should our next adversary be in the war against terror? Them Them Them Them Take note, Benedict Arnolds, there is no fifth…

And now for some more bad news.  Ready?

Remembering Victor Wong