spaceship no future

September 2002

animal crossing

This weekend I planted four peach trees and chartered a rowboat for the isle of Chom. I retrieved Monique the cat’s Gameboy, which she had loaned to Dizzy the elephant, who in turn had loaned it to Amelia the eagle. Tom the cat called me a freakshow for running around the village at 2 A.M., and that hurt my feelings. I wrote him a letter asking him if we could still be friends, and sent a bonsai tree along with it in hopes of winning him over. I paid…

a happy birthday

Tamara and her very chompy birthday

“inaction is simply not an option”

“Nobody is trying to make the case that Saddam personally directed the attack on 9/11,” the official said. “But if you ask yourself if this coincidence or confluence of Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction, his animus toward the United States, his activity in the world and what we know of him, might in some way link up with our worst fears of a terrorist attack on the United States, you have to say that’s a possibility, and it’s one that you better account for.” I used…