about the link-o-matic

The link-o-matic is a part of Spaceship No Future. It was inspired by Filepile and this email that you sent me the other day:

Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 03:40:52 -0600
From: You <you@somewhere.com>
To: Me <me@spaceshipnofuture.org>
Subject: READ THIS!!!


Thanks! The link-o-matic is intended to prevent that sort of thing.

can I add a link using a bookmarklet?

Yep. Save the post to link-o-matic bookmarklet to your bookmarks, and then, whenever you come upon a page that you want to post to the link-o-matic, run the bookmarklet. You'll be brought to the posting page, with your link's title and URL already filled in for you.

(If you don't know what a bookmarklet is, it's a small Javascript program in the form of a URL that you save to your browser's bookmarks or favorites. You run the bookmarklet by clicking on it from your browser's bookmarks menu; instead of taking you to a new page, the bookmarklet performs some sort of action against the page that you are already looking at. Read the Wikipedia entry on bookmarklets for more information.)

what if I'm not allowed to post a link?

You need to be logged in to SNF and you need to be explicitly approved by an administrator to post to the link-o-matic (thanks, spammers!). One of the administrators will do this as a matter of course once you've been commenting on SNF for a while.

can I change a link after I post it?

Yes. Go to the comments page for the link and click in the general vicinity of the link title to display an update form. Well, you used to be able to update your links, but I accidentally broke that feature. I'll get around to fixing it eventually.

do I need to use any particular web browser?

Strictly speaking, no, but you ought to have Javascript enabled, and you really should be using a recent version of a standards-compliant web browser like Firefox or Safari. Don't use Internet Explorer.


If you have any questions, comments, or misgivings, please contact linkomatic@spaceshipnofuture.org or post a question on CHOMP.